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Bots G-lined (banned) from QuakeNet (update)
Posted by TheAvatar at 2008-01-10 09:35:59

Due to a netsplit last night, with the server the bots were on involved, about 1/3 of our bots got G-lined.
QuakeNet refused to help out, so we will have to wait for the G-line to expire. When that will be is not known, as they wont inform about G-line expiration times.
The other part of the bots will just be idling in your channel for the time being, not responding to messages or public commands. For the time being, the bots will have an away message set, which can be seen with /WHOIS .
Away: Yes : NordicBots Natasha bot is currently not available - #NordicBots

When things are back up, the message will disappear.
We expect the G-line to last anything between a few hours up to one month.

An update will be posted when we have any news to provide.

Update 16:20 (GMT+1): The G-line has expired and all bots are reconnecting to IRC. They should be in your channel within a few minutes.

All suspends have been extended by one day so you have one more day to contact us, if you want your channel to be unsuspended.

Thanks for your support and patience!

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