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Services down due to power maintenance
Posted by soczol at 2007-12-14 19:23:58

The bots are getting back online as we speak. The time is now 17:30. Sorry for the extended downtime.

Due to large changes in the power infrastructure of the datacenter that some of our servers are located in, our service will become unavailable in the evening of Friday 2007-12-14 (CET).

"Why do I have to care?"

Our bots will be unavailable and will disconnect from IRC and thus leave all channels.

(note: before asking us how to get the bot back in your channel, please read the "what do i have to do?" section below)

The server that generates statistics for your channel is also affected by this maintenance, so statistics will be unavailable too.

The only part of our service that will still be available is the website, which however will not be as functional as normal because some parts of the website are tightly linked to our other services.

"What do I have to do?"

As with previous planned downtimes, there isn't anything you can or have to do. If you already have a bot, the bot will automatically rejoin your channel once the service is up. If your channel is currently suspended, we will make sure you will still have enough time to get your channel unsuspended.

Note that we also can't do anything while the service is down, so it will be impossible to remove any suspends.

"Aha, and when exactly did you say this was going to happen?"

All servers in the datacenter will be shutdown in the time window of 00:00 - 01:30 (CET), although we may decide to shutdown some services earlier to prevent accidental data loss.

"How long is it going to take?"

After all servers have been shutdown, it will take quite a few hours for all power to be up again.

Our providers hope to start the first servers again at 03:30 while they do some more testing and hope to have all servers online again around 06:00 (CET).

At which point you will have to wait for some of the NordicBots admins to wake up and start the appropriate services ;)

UPDATE: Everything is up again! Thanks for your patience.

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#12007-12-15 05:49 | X-LP (NordicBots Staff)
Also note that some portions of the website are down too, like the Bot list ;D

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