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Phoenix is finally growing up!
Posted by soczol at 2007-12-02 14:02:11

Phoenix probably expected the horde of staff members - which were conveniently idle at this time - to reply with something like "Congrats!11" when he happily posted the following line in our staff channel:
    (Phoenix_the_II) I am 725414400 seconds old, it is...hmm (23.00274 years) or (1199wks 3days)
But I wonder what he was thinking when he didn't at all get the responses he'd expect..

    (soczol) I am 801149562 seconds old (25.390373 years) - 32wks 10hrs 27mins 18secs until 26 years old
    (Phoenix_the_II) ;o
    (Phoenix_the_II) well, its yet again this time of year :OP
    (soczol) yup, almost 2008!
    (Phoenix_the_II) anyways
    * Phoenix_the_II is gone
    (Phoenix_the_II) gone smth to celebrate they say
    (soczol) well, a bit early, but hf, i guess
    (Phoenix_the_II) ._.
But don't worry Phoenix, we haven't forgotten about you :)

Phoenix, which is responsible for the server that hosts our bots and has written the system that hundreds of users use every day for requesting new bots, has been with us for a long long time.

Phoenix, we've been through a difficult few years and we appreciate your effort during those years. Thanks!

We hope you'll enjoy your birthday and life as an official grown-up (yes, it takes a bit longer for some of us - not mentioning any names)!

Happy birthday!

~ The NordicBots Team

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#12007-12-02 14:16 | anton (NordicBots Staff)
I havn't been in NordicBots so long, so I haven't gotten to know you so good.. yet. ;)
I hope I'll get to know you better during the future. Great work with the bots, bnc and stuff. =)

Congrats Phoenix. :)


#22007-12-02 14:30 | Petyyy (NordicBots Staff)
Well you missed some funny Avy - Phoenix kick competition :P anyways happy birthday Phoenix :)

#32007-12-02 14:52 | dusti (NordicBots Staff)
Happy Birthday Phoenix :)

#42007-12-02 20:08 | TheAvatar (NordicBots Staff)
Wow! 23 already? I recall it was just yesterday you acted like you were just 12 :-)
Anyways, congrats - I hope you had a nice day so far. A pleasure having you around, and thanks for the time and fun you gave to NordicBots so far.
We couldn't have done it without you.

#2 We'll have to do that some other time - trust me :P

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