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New version of the Natasha mIRC Script
Posted by TheAvatar at 2007-11-02 22:05:23

A new version of our Natasha mIRC Control Script has been created. This new version replaces all the previous scripts we had for download.
With this new one, you choose a language when you load it the first time, so in the future there wont be language specific versions on our website.
This new version does as well feature an (auto)update function (can be enabled/disabled when the script is loaded or later on from the options menu), which will tell you when a new version is out. If you want to install it, just click "OK" and it will install it right away all by itself!

As this new script is rather new and contains more technical code than the old scripts, please let us know if you run into any errors using the script so we can improve it.

The script can be found in the downloads section, or by clicking here!

Update 4/11-2007
A bug was fixed so if any of you have a problem where the menus are greyd out, please redownload. Sorry.

*Privacy notice!*
Please note, if you are using the update feature it will connect to our server and report back your current version of the script, what language you are using to improve our script as well as gather a bit stats to know how much users are using the script. To more accurately measure this, the script will as well submit a random string (e.g. SUQIOMRX5262130BVQXDYOU) which is somewhat unique but not identifying you personally in any way.

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#12007-11-02 22:20 | X-LP (NordicBots Staff)
Great script! Worked like a charm ;D

#22007-11-03 00:29 | TheAvatar (NordicBots Staff)
Great! Nothing like positive feedback from...uhm... staff :P

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