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Channel stats beta features
Posted by TheAvatar at 2009-01-14 00:33:56

We have tried playing a bit around with PISG in the past time.
We have so far ended up with three improvements:
  1. The stats time is increased drastically.
    Stats will update atleast once an hour all day/night. At night, updates will occur more often.
  2. You have all, daily, weekly and monthly stats to choose from.
  3. We have added the ability to ignore nicks and merge nicks (if a user has more than one nick showing up in the stats, you can put these into just one nick).
    This feature is still beta, but feel free to try it out. Here is how to:
    • Log in at
    • Go to IRC Settings => Associate my Q-Account
    • Complete the guide to link your Q-account with your web account. (ignore the Not finished yet part)
    • Go to Community => Beta Features
    • Click Natasha channel stats setup
    • Pick your channel (you need to be owner). Click Manage.
    • Pick either Merge nicknames or Ignore nicknames.
    • Pick Stats layout to change the color theme of your stats.
    Primary nickname: The nick you want shown in the stats
    Additional nicknames: The extra nicknames a user has, you want merged under the primary nickname. This is a SPACE seperated list.
    Update entry: If the primary nick is already present, it will add additional nicks to the current entry.
    Use the Del X link to remove an entry from the list.
Please keep in mind this feature is BETA and might change any time. Please let me know if it doesnt work as explained above.
Depending on a few things it might take 30-90 minutes, before changes will show up on the stats.

Linking your account is 100% safe and does NOT involve your Q-password in any way! There is no way your Q-account can be compromised using this feature!

Some extra information for those people who want to know....:
  • Current we generate stats for 1660 channels.
  • 629 channels use another stats language than English
  • We generate 4 kinds of stats for each language each channel
  • We generate more than 9000 stats pages

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#12009-01-14 00:38 | dusti (NordicBots Staff)
Lots of questions about when this would be possible, and now it is! :)
Lets hope it works perfectly.

#22009-01-15 07:16 | shitbreak (NordicBots Staff)
Wow.. you are amazing.

[08:10:01] <+shitbreak> wow
[08:10:29] <+shitbreak> i just saw the irc settings part of the website
[08:10:32] <+shitbreak> it'll be super

#32009-01-16 01:11 | TheAvatar (NordicBots Staff)
It sure will - all that is soczols amazing work, not mine unfortunately :-)

#42009-01-16 01:14 | TheAvatar (NordicBots Staff)
Btw, you are lucky that you saw that. That part was not meant to be online yet - It has been removed for public use, sorry.

#52009-01-18 01:42 | shitbreak (NordicBots Staff)
Hehe. :p

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